Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nuances de Printemps

Hmmm, I don't know what that means actually ... but it sure was a good time!

My friends, Tiffanie, Linda and I headed to Carol Wingerts this past Saturday morning for this event. We were greeted at her front door with this ....

We were there to experience a special day creating one of her heirloom books in the quaint surroundings of her backyard paradise.

We stepped onto the patio where Carol had place settings for 15. Each setting had this fabulous metal tin filled with antique and new buttons, lace, findings, flowers, trims ... all the makings for a fabulous book. The center pieces on each table held alot of her own personal stash items and trims that we could pick from as well.

We started the morning with homemade pastries and breads, fresh coffee, hot tea ... fresh tulips and the eiffel tower. Later in the day we had salad and pasta for lunch, and the afternoon was full of some of the yummiest cookies ever!!

We each had a darling handmade flower for our name tag.

Carol gave us an overview of her book, and some instruction on making some florals and other embellishments that went into the book. Then we just started creating ..... it was awesome!

Carol had a little shopping area set up for us as well .... she knew we all love to shop and we were all so inspired. We all walked away with a bag full of treasures to add to our books, as well as recreate another!
Here's the whole group that attended .... from Virginia, Texas, California and Arizona.
Thank you Carol for a fabulous day, for opening your home to all of us and sharing your amazing creativity and talents!


  1. WOW! What a great time!!!!! Carol is sooooo super talented. Love everything she does. You're a lucky gal!


  2. Wow.. how cool! That looks like you guys had a great time and wow.. what a lovely home! I want a back yard like THAT! Oh and hey.. those personalized stamps..ive had mine forever..I should try this website again: www.paperangel.com and the # on the stamp is 1 800 619 9233. I wonder if they are still in business.. Ill have to check it out! You have a GREAT day girl!!! I miss you lots. Our snow is almost gone.. actually a sign of spring. I see grass again.. altho its all matted down and dead yet LOL.. but slowly temps are warming up. Its in the 50s lately. It is about time!!! HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !! Tell Frank I said Hi!