Sunday, March 21, 2010

An afternoon in Paradise!

A walk on the beach ... or a horseback ride .... both accomplish the same thing for me .... a complete mental cleansing.

I used to own horses, and do alot of trail riding, but that was in another life. I haven't had the opportunity to go riding for awhile. But a friend called me last month .... said she had gotten some discount coupons for Cave Creek Outfitters ... 50% off on a two hour ride!! I was all over that one.

The first two times we had the ride scheduled, we got rained out .... but this time ... the weather was perfect! So worth the wait .... 75 degrees, a nice breeze, sunny skies ... and a desert green and blooming!

Such a great time ... and I'm not even sore today!! Well, except for where my leg got a little too close passing a cactus ... but I got all the needles out!

Jake was a great ride ... he likes to rub his belly on scrub brush ... I could always tell when he was "eyeing" a good one ... and had to direct him the other way!

The desert is a beautiful place!

Enjoy your week!

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