Monday, May 30, 2011

Back to basics .....

I've had a real urge lately to start again ... back to the basics .... use up old product ... rekindle favorite old techniques .... scrapbook some of the many memories I've been making over the last few years.

I'm tiring of some of the things I've been doing ... and find myself longing to go back to a 12 x 12 pallet .... where each page brings such a satisfaction .... I've been looking through many of my old scrapbooks .... remembering how much I enjoyed the entire process ....

This is the first double spread, 12 x 12 layout I've done in a very long time ...... and it really got me thinking ..... back to the basics.

Have a wonderful week ....

Monday, May 23, 2011

I promised ....

... so I must follow through.

I was reminded this weekend by an old friend, that it had been a very long time since I posted anything on my blog .... and I had to ask "well, how do you know" ... and she said "because I check it every day" ..... soooo, now that I know someone is actually reading it .... I promised I would post an update ..... thank you, Jennifer! Thats was just the push I needed to get back into it!

And the timing was perfect to have something to share!

I got to experience the Creative Escape preview days this past thursday evening, all day Friday and part of Saturday.

We're sworn to secrecy about everything we saw and heard .... but I will say this ..... IF you are on the fence about signing up to go to the last Creative Escape ..... go ahead and sign up. This will be my fourth year of assisting at the event, and I can say that I enjoyed the classes this time around more than any of my other years! Good projects ... useable projects!

Just before finishing up on Saturday, Bazzil sponsored a door prize .... a drawing .... and here goes my brain .... oh, I don't like drawings, I'm just so unlucky with drawings ... i never win drawings ..... oh, how I wish I could win this drawing ... forget about it, finish your project .... oh, I know that box is full of Bazzil goodness ..... oh, I wish ...... and then I hear ... I don't know how to pronounce her last name, its sharon .... and her eyes go to me .... ME?? Me .... I won??? No way!!!!

Yes, way!! I was one happy girl!

and that box was full ......

of lots of Bazzil goodness .....

Thank you to Bazzil for the special box of goodies ... and the opportunity to work at Creative Escape.

I'll miss it next year .... but you shouldn't miss it THIS year!

I've got all kinds of things to catch up on this blog with .... keep reading Jennifer .... I'll try to be better!!