Monday, May 30, 2011

Back to basics .....

I've had a real urge lately to start again ... back to the basics .... use up old product ... rekindle favorite old techniques .... scrapbook some of the many memories I've been making over the last few years.

I'm tiring of some of the things I've been doing ... and find myself longing to go back to a 12 x 12 pallet .... where each page brings such a satisfaction .... I've been looking through many of my old scrapbooks .... remembering how much I enjoyed the entire process ....

This is the first double spread, 12 x 12 layout I've done in a very long time ...... and it really got me thinking ..... back to the basics.

Have a wonderful week ....


  1. I look at that layout and I smile.. real big! I love it.. awesome, Sharon!!! :) HUGS! I owe you an email too!! Coming up soon!!! Miss you.

  2. I have been loving playing with all the paper art stuff too. I never really had been paper artist (more 3 -d ) but am learning as I have all this new fun stuff in the store to play with, I am having so much fun . I especially am in love with Tim holtz's 12 x 12 pads !!!