Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving!

Its been so long since I posted anything ... spent about 3 months recovering from "the flood" ... but life is back to normal now ... and as awful as it was in the midst of "the mess" .... my home is prettier than ever. A blessing in disguise ... a mandatory remodel ... but its very nice!

This is one of the first projects I made when I finally had a chance to set back down in my room.

I now have an off white 2x3 travertine brick kitchen backsplash and I couldn't have a plain tissue box setting against it ... so I made this cover ... pearl metal with my favorite mold from 10SS, a little black paint and a touch of "gems" and its ready to go ...

Christmas decorations went up this past weekend ....

Don't blink .... that day will be here in a flash!