Saturday, September 5, 2009

Where does a week go ....

... whoosh, and its gone!

Last weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) was Creative Escape. Wow! What an event. Close to 600 women at the beautiful Wild Horse Pass Resort, 8 very talented teachers bringing their varied styles into their workshops.

Each day was full of classes, activities and fun ... no one had a moment to rest. If you want a complete recap of the weekend, you can visit Carol Wingert's blog, Tim Holtz's or Heidi Swapp's.

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Carol Wingert this year. A great talent, a real sweetheart of a lady. Thanks Carol for inviting me into your world!

If you're not familiar with Carol's Creatologie kits .... click on her link to the left. Her September kit is up for pre-orders right now. All I can say is these kits are addicting! The September kit reflects Autumn ... anyone that knows me is aware of my passion for autumn colors and autumn leaves ..... I'm all over the September kit! And what perfect timing .... i'm heading to Wisconsin to visit Terri .. mid-october .... autumn colors, autumn leaves!!

I got to do my civil duty this week too ... called for jury duty ... and was chosen for a jury. I've been called a couple times before, but never was chosen. It was/is an experience to see our judicial system close up .... and I get to go back for a second day!

Now, its a nice three day weekend. Frank is in New York, and I plan on spending alot of time with my art supplies!

Hope your long weekend is a true delight!


  1. Carol is so talented! What a great opportunity to see someone's talent up close and personal.

    I heard the event was wonderful...exhausting, but fabulous results.

    Linda Cain

  2. Sharon,

    I hope you have a fantabulous weekend.. may you be creative and get all inky!

    Hugssssss.. miss ya!