Thursday, September 10, 2009

I love to make books ...

... I love how they come together and just feel so nice, so "book" like ... and to think I made it!

But I've never finished one ... from front to back, with photos and embellishments, I mean finished, filled .... until this past weekend!! This book is full of hidden spots and little books inside the big book ... must have 40-50 photos in it ... and the blues and browns just called out for my Bahamas photos.

I started with Carol Wingert's August Creatolgie kit. If you haven't experienced them, and you love to make books, you need to check them out. They come with all the instructions, the paper, the embellishments, and special techniques to complete it ... you just add your own touches and photos. This kit truly inspired me to finish one to the end! Thanks Carol!!

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