Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy birthday, Bug!

This is Vito, he's my baby! He's six years old today.

This morning was a perfect fall morning, crisp air, nice breeze, leaves blowing in the air ..... so big baby, tough guy got an extra long walk. He was sniffing, and rolling in all the wet lawns and scratching his back with the green blades of grass. Loving every second of it! Thats why he looks a bit "scruffy" and his curls are enhanced more than normal.

I think he'll get pizza for lunch, cake in the afternoon and balloons just for him, maybe some chewies, and a few more toys to shred .... whatever he wants!

Love you bug!

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  1. Happy Birthday Bug.. OMG what a CUTIE!!!!! Hi Sharon!!! Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope all is going well. Fall is here - I can feel it in the air and the leaves are slowly changing color. I'm going to miss ya at Retreat. I just wanted to say hi.. and visit.. I love the book you made.. its super cool!