Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How sweet was this??

My good friend, Debbie Bick, made this for me!

I just love it!

You can see other designs on her blog, just click on Frenzy Stamper in my blog list.

She learned this technique at Art Unraveled and has been hooked on making these ever since ... she used odd pieces of wood, india ink, wood yardsticks and all kinds of ephemera to complete the look.

Thanks Deb! You're the best!

I'm off to Creative Escape tomorrow ... nope, not as an attendee, but as a volunteer. This is my second year ... lots of work ... but tons of fun. So much energy buzzing around this event!

I get to assist Carol Wingert ... really looking forward to working with her ... love her style. I purchased her Creatologie kit last month ... Wow, think it might be one of the coolest books I've ever made .... check it out .. she's on my blog list too!

Lots of very cool classes .... tell you all about it on Sunday!

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  1. What a lucky gal! Carol is sooooo talented. I hear that the event was great! Lisa and Linda had a good time....and Tim's lamp...OMG!