Friday, November 6, 2009

Practice, practice, practice ....

After watching demonstrations, for years, at CHA ... knowing full well that I could get totally hooked ..... I finally caved and started my own collection of Copic markers .... and I'm loving them!

The easy flow, the blendability, the beautiful colors .... yep, I'm hooked!

Here's one of my first efforts ......

I have to thank Debbie at Frenzy Stamper for bringing them into inventory ... makes it much easier to feed my addictions!

And speaking of addictions ..... SPICA pens! Spica pens are high quality glitter pens .... they're like Stickles with precision! They are part of the Copic marker line and go hand in hand with them ... many beautiful colors! Debbie was so nice to bring the entire color line of Spicas into inventory too!

These pens just color my world!

1 comment:

  1. You know Sharon.. you are making me want these markers.. stop enabling me LOL. Great stuff and I will be hunting for these I think.. the glitter ones sound pretty darn cool too! Have fun and I hope you have a lot sign up for the class.. they will be lucky having you as a teacher :) See you soon!!!