Monday, November 30, 2009

Nothing better ....

.. than a long weekend full of family, friends and fun ... and getting lots accomplished!

A little shopping on Black Friday ... just can't say no to some of those opportunities ... a new Christmas tree and decorations up on Saturday .... and studio playtime on Sunday.

When I saw this stamp at Frenzy Stamper on Friday, i just had to color it with Copics! And when I saw the "whatever ..." stamp ... well ... they just went together at the moment. It just makes me laugh!

Happy Cyber Monday!


  1. Sharon!!! I love that "whatever" stamp!!! Thats cute.. Im tryin very hard to resist those markers yet.. but I dunno!! LOL. I just wanted to say hiya and yes.. my family room is PINK. Sage green carpet but yeah.. pink walls.. a soft pink. Not sure how I got away with it.. but I did.. he got the big screen tv.. it was a compromise hehe!! You have a great day.. looking forward to seeing you SOON!!! HUGSSSSSSSSSSS

  2. now that is a cute card...great job that snowman