Sunday, July 12, 2009

And the heat goes on ....

Yes, its been pretty warm in Phoenix lately, but then what else would you expect ... afterall we do live in a desert! And this heat happens every single summer .... but the good part of that is there's no better time of the year to stay inside with the air conditioning and work with your favorite crafting media.

I'm so excited because my dear cousin Alane is coming to visit me in a week. Our mothers were sisters, and were very close, and we continue that family link.

Recently I ran across some photos of my grandparents and our mothers, as young ladies, so I decided to put together a small scrapbook for Alane, as a little gift when she arrives.

I made the book from a Club Scrap kit. 6x6 pages in the front which makes the lid, which opens to a box to hold memorabilia. Alane and I share a passion for the history and photos of our family.

The first page was a photo of the house our grandmother grew up in, the second page is our grandparents on my mothers side ... i'll share the rest when they're complete.

Hmmmmm, i guess i just ruined her surprise if she reads this ... oh, well, she'll know how much I love her ahead of time, I guess!

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  1. Hi Sharon!

    I love the layout!! Fabulous job as always! I just thought id stop and say hi. I hope all is well chica!! :-) Miss ya.