Saturday, June 20, 2009

Poor Baby ..

This is Wesley. He's my 14 year old, a sweetheart and smart as can be. He has me totally trained, just how he wants me.

A few days ago I found quite a few splatters of blood around my kitchen floor. Turns out Wesley had lost a complete "toe nail", right down to a bloody, raw stump. If I lost an entire fingernail, I can only imagine how painful that would be!

"The boys" are rarely out of our sight as they go to work with us everyday, sleep with us at night, and Wes won't go up or down the stairs on his own anymore ....

I haven't a clue how or when this happened!

So here he is a few hours later, after a trip to the emergency room.

He's been limping around and raising his paw and sleeping continuously for days now, but I'm happy to report that he now has his bandage off and seems to be out of pain, isn't licking it anymore ... and on the road to recovery.

All normal bathing and walking can resume this weekend!


  1. Sharon,
    Awww.. I'm glad Wes is okay. Poor doggie!!! Give hima big ole hug for me..k? I just wanted to stop by and say hi and catch up with you. Have a GREAT weekend my friend!!!


  2. Oh Sharon...I'm very happy that your sweet baby Wesley is okay now :)))!
    Mila :)

  3. What a cutie he is...
    Glad he's on the road to recovery.