Sunday, June 14, 2009

I love the feel of ...

chipboard covered with paper ... more specifically ... I love to make books and boxes that ask for the chipboard to be covered with paper. They just feel so rich, and solid and tight and well, booklike!

I've been a member of Club Scrap for many years. I've learned alot of my bookmaking skills from projects we've done at retreats and in kits.

Here's one of my latest from the "Henna" kit .....
When I first looked at the printed instructions I just thought this was way too complicated, but then it became a challenge. I took it step by step and within 4 stitches the pattern became obvious and then it was just a matter of repeating the pattern until it was done. It love the look and feel of it.

I had a few friends come over yesterday afternoon for a couple hours to visit and to work on a project of their choice. Tiffanie and I each made one of these ....

which opens up to this ..... Three little cubbies to hold your treasures.

But my here's my dilemma ... I love the feel of the finished projects and books, so I make more, BUT I forget I'm supposed to decorate them as well. Hmmm, I'll get around to that someday .. and I'll have plenty of finished projects to decorate!

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