Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm back!

I always thought New York was nothing but a big concrete jungle. Afterall, I was born and raised in Phoenix, and the only pictures you see of New York are the city, right?? But, this picture is what I see when I go. This photo was taken inside the zoo at Bear Mountain Park, which is about 10 miles from where Frank's parents live. That would be the Hudson River you see through the trees. It really is a beautiful area and full of history.

This is me being Aunt Sharon. That's James on my shoulders. He introduces himself as
"J-a-m-e-s" (spelling it out, rather than saying it). He had me smiling the entire time we were there .. such a cutie. And two of his older brothers, Andrew and Patrick, standing in front of me.

The 80th birthday was a very nice celebration for Frank's father. A very large gathering of family and close friends, tons of food and gifts ... he loved it.

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