Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home again ...

.... from a week long trip to NY ... not the city, but the beautiful country outside the city.

After resting up from the dreadful "red-eye" flight ... we spent a couple days in Verplanck with Frank's parent. This is where Frank was born and raised .... about an hour outside the city, north I believe. Verplanck is so small, it hasn't made it on the map yet, you still go to the post office to pick up your mail ... but its a beautiful little town on the edge of the mighty Hudson River.

Saturday we joined brother Mike on his new 21' boat for a day on the Hudson. We had light clouds and cool weather when we started out, but by the end of the day, on our way back, we had dark clouds and white caps .... an exciting end to a great day!

Sunday was a family Labor Day picnic in brother John's backyard. Lots of food and family to celebrate Labor Day and Frank's birthday.

Sunday night, after the family gathering, we headed up north to Sleepy Hollow Lake to spend the evening and next day with sister Vicki.
This picture of the Hudson River is taken off the front porch of a historical sight call "Olana"
The property at Olana is gorgeous, perched upon the top of a mountain surrounded by gardens and picturesque views of the surrounding rivers, lakes and mountains.
On my visit to Michigan to visit Dawn and David, Dawn motivated me to start using my good SLR camera, instead of my tiny convenient pocket camera .... so I was playing with it on this trip attempting to capture some of the beauty around Olana.

Monday afternoon was spent at Sleepy Hollow Lake on sister Vicki's pontoon boat. Another beautiful place!
As many times as I've been to New York with Frank to visit his family, I've never spent anytime in the city. Someday I'll get there and enjoy Broadway and the food and all the sights the city has to offer .... but its hard to tear away from the beauty the rest of the state has to offer.
But now we're back home ... back to work ...... and hopefully back to some studio time.
Next Saturday is another day with Carol Wingert to make the latest heritage book ... i can't wait. Pictures, next weekend.
'till then ... enjoy every day!

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  1. Hi Sharon!
    I love the pics.. you look great and it sounds like you guys had a GREAT time!! Belated Happy Birthday to Frank. I'm glad you guys could get away!! I just wanted to say hi and send a hug your way! Miss ya!