Sunday, March 22, 2009

A taste of Texas!

The beginning of March, a group of us took the certification class offered at Ten Seconds Studio in N. Richland Hills, TX. What a blast!! Cheryl and Megan were the most awesome hosts, teachers, and chauffeurs. You can see lots more detail if you watch the Certification Course Taco Tuesday video from 3/10/09 at

The first evening we arrived, Cheryl made lasagna for us for dinner ... quite tasty, Cheryl! ... and we played with PMC ... more on that later ... next morning we got started on our first project, that proceeded to take all day long ... and even several hours into the evening. We were having so much fun, and learning so many different techniques, no one wanted to stop!

The project is a clipboard that we had to decorate ... any way we wanted ... and Cheryl gave us free run of the workshop to dig and find whatever we needed.

Here's the overall view of the beginning of it ...

The idea was to make a clipboard full of ideas and techniques ... mine is still a work in progress, but I can't wait to show you the first few pages ...

The fleur de lis is puffed out and mounted behind a cutout ... and the next page ...

and the next ...

and the next ....

and one more for now ....

Well its half done .. better go get busy on the rest of it!!


  1. Look at you, girl! I SAW you on the video!! Woo!Hoo! What a great time you all had!
    Great project.

  2. Hi Sharon!! Your blog is awesome!!! You have done a terriffic job!! Your journey to Texas looks like you had a great time!! You rock! Just wanted to say hi.. and send a hug!

  3. PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm totally impressed.
    It looks wonderful.

  4. wait, are we supposed to finish those?
    so cool to take that journey back to texas.
    fondly remembered as '10SSTX2009'.

    wish i could rewind and do it all over again.