Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In my head .....

My friends have heard me say more than once its "in my head" .... before a trip, I pack "in my head" ... makes it much easier on packing day to just pull things out of the closet and put them in a suitcase. If I'm designing a scrapbook page, or an art project, first I make it "in my head" .... I get some of my best ideas when I can't sit down and play, so I work on them "in my head" throughout the day ..... while I'm in the shower, driving, working, wherever and they turn out pretty cool "in my head". I'll call Debbie at Frenzy Stamper and ask her if she has this or that in stock, I need it now, I've got this great idea "in my head"

So next time you hear me say that, just know that my brain is working on the most incredible piece of art "in my head" .... its beautiful, I wish you could see it

Now to just get it on paper instead of "in my head"!!


  1. now, if only there were a little man in MY head taking notes...and then another little man to erase the icky parts, and yet another to type and spell check them, put them into list form.
    are you with me?
    so thankful that our heads are waterproof, otherwise all that shower thinking would be ruined!

    :*) zwick