Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hello ....

I just wanted to say "hi" to anyone reading this.

Life has been fast paced recently and I haven't had much time to spend in "my room". I call it my room because I always feel odd calling it a studio since I don't really consider myself an "artist". My room is where I go when I need a bit of sanity though, and today I plan on spending some time in there.

I taught a beginner Copic class at Frenzy Stamper yesterday. Thanks to all the ladies that took part in it. I love this class, watching the addiction to these things take over ... makes me so happy to see others partaking in my pleasure!

Getting excited about Creative Escape this coming week. Being a volunteer, I get to experience the excitement these ladies feel as they go through all the planned activities, classes, sharing the event with their best buds ... its great fun and motivation!

The day to day buzy-ness at work everyday remains constant. I thank God everyday for allowing us to weather the economic storms of the last few years easier than so many others out there.

Yes, we all have our real life things keeping us busy .... kids heading back to school, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, repairing, maintaining ..... and speaking of all that, I'd best get busy or I'll use up the little bit of time I might have today to spend in "my room".

Have a great week!

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