Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome to the French Marketplace

Another fabulous event at Carol Wingerts ...

Twelve lucky women gathered at Carols last Saturday to begin the process of building her latest heirloom book. This was the entry into The French Market Place ...

The presentation of the kits and place settings where almost too pretty to touch .....

But we did break into them .... this is the almost finished cover to my book.

Since this event was in June, in Gilbert, everyone assumed it would be too hot to sit outside, so the tables were moved indoors. But to everyone's amazement, the weather was a perfect 92 degrees ... almost underheard of for a Phoenix summer! Carol had the couches set outside with numerous workstations. It was a perfect day!
The food was fabulous .... we were fed and catered to all day by Carol's lovely daughter, Ashley.

And we definitely had an opportunity to pick up our favorite embellishments at the marketplace!

Thank you Carol for another fabulous day. You are so full of inspiration and talent!

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  1. Sharon, it was such a perfect day. So glad you were there! Hugs, Carol