Thursday, October 8, 2009

The miracle ...

I drove to California last weekend with my sister, Erin's mother. We spent the mornings helping out with the new baby, Peyton, and Makayla, then spent the afternoon and evening at the hospital with Erin. We watched Erin progress each day, almost by the hour, you could see more life come back to her ... and I'm happy to say that she went home yesterday!! She's got a few weeks of intense physical therapy to get her strength back, but she IS our miracle! We're so proud of her for the fight for life that she put up. Here's little baby, Peyton ... we, also, watched him over a three day period, almost double his intake of food ... he's growing like a weed!

And one of the many highlights of the weekend was to watch Makayla play soccer with her team, the Glitter Girls! 5 and 6 year olds, no referees, no goalees, not too much structure even, but 45 minutes of such joy and laughter.

And each night, Mallory and I spent hours putting together the scrapbook for Erin. All the work last weekend on the pre-made pages, made this task so much easier. Thanks again, my friends, for taking part in that. I do believe that book will make Erin feel like she didn't miss the first 3 weeks of Peyton's life ... and I'm sure she'll treasure it. Who knows, maybe she'll show it to Peyton when he's grown ... and what a story to tell that goes along with it.


  1. So wonderful to hear about Erin!

    5 year olds playing soccer! Love it, they're like little waterbugs swarming around the ball. And the shorts come over their little knees making them look like Charlie Brown characters! LOVE that age for soccer.



  2. Sharon,
    What wonderful news.. and Im so happy to hear all is going well!!!! I just wanted to say hi! HUGS!!!